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India’s Emerging Sensation

India’s Emerging Sensation

K.Kristina is One Indian Brand to Look Out For

I remember vividly my first impression of Karishma Kristina Singh when we meet during MFW F/W 2018; the young creator of K.Kristina with her little frame was beyond my expectation. We must have spoken for at least an hour but from the start of our cool girls’ conversion, I was captivated by her simplicity, her creativity, her passion for her work and how she spoke so fondly of it. Her little ambitious self was an inspiration! Karishma is an interesting talent and I journeyed with her back to her roots and how she began.

Karishma in Kristina Butterfly Prints and Design| Photo by @theravishankar

Inspired by little pleasures, her hometown; Bangalore in India and exposure to the western world, Karishma gives life to her dreams. Like a true designer, she pays attention to the smallest of details and aims for perfection in her craft. Refreshing, best describes the exclusive prints all designed by Karishma. Her first collection known as ‘hate to grow up’ is a unanimous favourite. It stems from Karishma’s state of mind four years ago when the brand was established. Her exposure to the fashion industry in New York was an enlightenment but not quite what she had envisaged, Karishma realised she had some ‘grown up’ decisions to make. She channeled her emotions to work, decided on her path and gave it a shot. “Once I launched, the response was overwhelming and I just got thrust into this head first’ she says.

Karishma Kristina at Super F/W ’18 in Milan|Photo by @harmit

K.Kristina is a premium prêt clothing brand known for its custom digital prints, emanating from the the illustrations of Karishma her self. The brand offers a perfect blend of colours, style and simplicity. I absolutely love the prints, it gives a sense of freedom, definitely something you want to wear out when with friends. Can wait to see what she comes up with next.

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