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Why are women drawn to the shoes on a man’s feet? Its simply a magnetic pull. After a quick face check, the shoes are scrutinized next. Shoes help women summarize men in a few seconds, they reveal a lot about a man’s personality. While some women might be wrong a few times, it is best to understand their thoughts on a man shoes because shoes have the power to attract or rebuff. Women generally love shoes so its no brainer that they appreciate a man in a good pair.

So, what are the right sets to have? The goal isn’t to send you to an English school were everyone wears the same thing. There are different versions online on what certain shoes mean and what pairs are ideal on what clothing. Here’s my two cents; your shoes should reflect your style and MUST compliment your overall dressing. The first five essential pairs should fall under trends and classics. When an additional pair is need, try a fad. The amazing fact about these essentials is that there’s definitely a pair for every man as they come in various styles and price tags. This brings us to my shoe commandments

1. Thou shall have at least a pair of black and a pair of brown shoes from my list of essentials.

2. Thou shall always keep thy shoes clean and tidy.

  1. Lace-Up Oxfords in black or brown is a classic must have. They can be worn on formal outfits. A black pair nails the tuxedo outfit.5010FE25-4B5F-4FBF-A0A1-730012B5C0AB
  2. Loafers are awesome because they come in various styles, you can find a formal pair and a causal pair. Look up loafer styles.0BF007D6-8EFD-4361-A0F6-A944D279B3A63. Monk Strap shoes are stylish. A well polished leather pair can nail your formal outfit.F2527DB7-C85E-4B88-84D9-002D45C1CDB7
  3. The monk strap, lace-up oxfords and derby as dress shoes can be good substitutes for one another. However, my first pick will be a lace-up Oxfords.
    1. Chelsea Boots are so versatile, every gentleman should have a pair. A leather pair can be worn for smart causal, business casual and semi-formal looks while a suede pair works better with a causal look.B2B36340-5A5F-4B1C-A405-4388C09C4977
    2. Sneakers come in various styles, picking one that reflects your style should be super easy. A serious sneaker fan usually has a pair of Nike. You could ace a street style with a good pair.7E698254-42FD-4901-86E2-897B21A719E6
    3. Desert Boots have a cool classy feel. Also known as chukka boots, they are multifunctional, suitable for different forms of dressing from business casual to super casual. You can find a good pair to pull off the suit street style. Most of them look great with jeans or chinos.F1880159-0B95-4D36-BC94-4D4F17667E5D

    Other Good to Have

    7. Driving Shoes


    8. Sandals1B673B96-C700-4F7E-A0D2-BA3B7C0ED2A3

    9. Lace up boots


    10. Brogues

    F447672C-E52D-4687-BBC8-A7273C90109AGentlemen, how many of these can be found in your collection?

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