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Abbyke Domina: On Being Audaciously Ambitious

Abbyke Domina: On Being Audaciously Ambitious

As a stylist, celebrity designer and fashiopreneur, Abbyke Domina is making waves in Nigeria’s fashion industry. The trunk show buzz got me fascinated, so naturally, after a successful launch of the Très Chic Collection for her namesake brand, I approached Abbyke Domina to fill us in on the inspiration behind the collection, her work and her thoughts about Nigeria’s fashion landscape.

Congrats on your new Très Chic Collection, what inspired the prints for the new collection?

Très Chic Collection was inspired through being audaciously ambitious, I wanted to create something different which I haven’t really noticed in the fashion industry, I wanted to create a platform for recognition where the brand can easily be identified outside the store.

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Très Chic Collection|Abbyke Domina

How long have you been styling?

Abbyke Domina has been a fashion stylist for 5 years.

How would you describe your style? 

My Style; I will say is simplicity alongside classy, I love it on the low and and the same time driving a point about class.

@ thecelebrityshootmagazine

You styled the WCW Power Girls for The Celebrity Shoot Magazine and  it absolutely spoke class. I wanted to jump into the cover and join them. Tell us about that project.

Hard work was the inspiration behind The Power Girls cover, The Celebrity Shoot Magazine usually has an Edition that recognizes and celebrates hard working women in their various fields.

Collaborations was a global trend last year, who is one person you would love to work with?

I really don’t have a specific person I pick out to collaborate or work with, I look out for the perfect touch or someone that can relate to my mood board, as long as you have what it takes I can always work with anyone, I’m not specific.

One local designer and one foreign designer you look up to?

I don’t look up to anyone, I can say I admire people’s work and I give kudos to putting so much effort and energy.

Speaking of those whose works you admire, could you mention at least two people’s work you appreciate?

I’m still struggling on my favourite, but I’ll say Wanni Fuga, Lanre da Silva, Lisa Folawiyo.

What are your thoughts on the fashion landscape in Nigeria when compared with the global industry?

I will say Nigeria fashion industry is really doing well, compared to the past, I believe someday, with everyday learning and experience they will get to a stage of consistency. Most of the fashion designers are either waiting on what the most popular person is doing next. That’s why I will always advice you do whatever you do for the passion.

Undoubtedly, passion for one’s work is truly a driving force especially when everything seems tough. Abbyke Domina is an inspiration, have a look at her collection here and share your thoughts. We can’t wait to see her next art.

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