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Know Your Fashion Personality, Plus Styling with DivaNista

Know Your Fashion Personality, Plus Styling with DivaNista

What outfits are you comfortable in? You know those ones that make you feel on top of the world, you want to take a walk down 5th Avenue like Carrie (if you are into Sex and the City). Every single person has a fashion personality, what’s yours? The most common fashion personalities are expressive, classic, romantic and relaxed. I am a classic, so it was no surprise to confirm same from online quizzes. This I liked the most, you could try this  too and compare the results.

There are some benefits to knowing your fashion personality; you start shopping consciously for wears that suit your personality, you save money and contribute your quota to sustainable fashion and most importantly you end happier and more confident because your style choices are in sync with you.

Chatting with seasoned stylist Doyin Akintunde who is also Chief Stylist at DivaNista gave me a glimpse into their world of styling. It starts with a clear personality definition. DivaNista is a retail brand for the stylish and timeless woman, so naturally they stock only timeless pieces. Doyin defines the DivaNista woman as bold, assertive and fearless. Whatever her personality style; Diva, Bohemian, Gamine or Androgynous, they can cater to her wardrobe needs. In her words, ‘If you must make anyone look stylish, you must have style yourself. DivaNista exists solely to revamp our customers’ entire style by providing them with an upscale selection of quality, distinctive, affordable, fashionable and timeless pieces’. You know the ‘who wore it better’ segment on fashion police? Doyin explains it as a style personality effect, ‘Fashion is what you wear. Style is how you wear it. Two people can wear the exact same outfit but two of them can end up looking totally different. What sets them apart, is their “Style Personality”. Achieve different looks with her list of Must-Have fashion essentials (outfits picked by Theresa);


  1. Little Black Dress



little black dress 2
@ dorothyperkins


2. A Pair of Heelspair of heels

    1. @



3. An Elegant Blazer

Blazers by serena
@ Serenawilliams


4. A White Blouse

white blouse riverisland
@ riverisland


5. A Handbag

handbag coach
@ coach

6. A Pair of Jeans

jeans by newlook.png
@ newlook

Don’t forget to take the quiz and please share because it saves all of us a ton of shopping stress and we become eco-fashion friendly.

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