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Top 5 Fashion Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Top 5 Fashion Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Fashion podcasts have taken a sublime leap recently. A number of designers, bloggers, personal stylists, fashion influencers and the best fashion houses have gone aboard the podcast train.

While trying to figure out the new norm in fashion business amid the pandemic, this could be an ample time to get productive, self-sufficient, learn and communicate online. One way to learn something new or stay abreast of happenings in the industry is to listen to fashion podcasts. For insights, relevance and overall great flow, these made our top five;

  1. The Business of Fashion

The Business of Fashion podcast has been described by most as an ‘indispensable required reading’. With a huge fashion community and influential experts from around the world, the podcasts are highly resourceful, especially for fashion and beauty professionals. For those just starting out in the industry and looking for global insights and fashion business trends BoF podcast is a must listen to, listen here

2. Dressed; The History of Fashion

From the past to the present, there are names that stand out in the fashion community, and there are created things that have become norms such as fashion weeks and flip-flops. At Dressed, listen to the history of some of the coveted things in fashion and to interviews with trendsetters. For the curious minds, this podcast explores the social and cultural histories behind the Who, What, When of Why we wear. It truly is the History of Fashion, listen here

3. Gucci Podcast

Gucci fanatics can dive into the world of Gucci with this podcast and get exposed to inspirations, interests, exciting narrative and vision of the Italian brand. This is more than a fashion podcast as there are episodes on lifestyle, music, technology and trends, guided by the vision of the brand and inspirations of the creative director; Alessandro Michele. For the love of Gucci, listen here

4. Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham sure makes fashion podcast a pretty big deal! Ashley is a supermodel, style icon and body activist. In each episode Ashley picks the brains of her brilliant, inspiring and honest friends who according to her are ‘a pretty big deal’. Its a good listen on the experiences of influential people in the society, discussions get real as there are no limits to what is discussed. Ashley ends every episode with a question to her ‘pretty big deal friends ‘what is a pretty big deal to you?’, it leaves you asking yourself the same. Have a look at the guests for each episode and then listen here

5. Fashion Is Your Business

FIYB is spot on fashion retail and technology. It is the go to podcast for useful in-depth interviews, insights and trends in the fashion industry as they impact your fashion business. The back bone of FIYB is a great line up of hostsentrepreneurial strategist Rob Sanchez, leading fashion technology consultant Pavan Bahl, creative entrepreneur Marc Raco, and fashion tech & sustainability consultant Nataliya Makulova who interview leading fashion pioneers in the world. From production to retail and management listen here

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